Aramex partners with mobile application CareZone, which launches in the UAE

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Aramex partners with mobile application CareZone, which launches in the UAE   

Innoventa, a provider of integrated solutions, announced the launch of its first and highly anticipated avant-garde mobile application, CareZone. CareZone is the region's first mobile platform with a heart. It benefits both companies and consumers while facilitating support for various charitable causes. The new mobile app aims to bridge the gap between brands and consumers in a socially responsible manner. Ritesh Tilani, CEO, CareZone commented, "We have developed a solution that empowers both businesses and consumers to champion charitable causes. Every time the consumer chooses a CareZone partner when looking for somewhere to eat, shop, or just hang out, they are actively choosing to benefit their favorite causes and make a difference in this world." "With strategic partnerships already in place with well-established players and respected brands, we at CareZone hope to influence consumer behavior and the corporate giving philosophy of businesses and organizations in the region," Tilani added. The revolutionary platform uses a location-based mobile app that identifies an extensive selection of retail partners participating in CareZone. Users can see messages from brands that have made a conscious decision to be socially responsible. CareZone will also come with a social media component that allows users to share their good deeds with followers, friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, thus encouraging them to support a cause through CareZone as well. Dalia Dogmoch, Chief Baker & Co-Founder, Kitsch Cupcakes, states, "We are delighted to join CareZone in this wonderful initiative as it provides us with an innovative way of making a meaningful impact in our community. We have always supported good causes but CareZone now offers our customers a say in which causes we support." Tilani elaborated, "Mobile search and location-based software has changed the way millions of consumers decide where they are going to eat, drink, shop and entertain themselves and their families. CareZone not only places brands top-of-mind and prominently on search results, but also gives its users a direct incentive for simply visiting an outlet. Users get further rewards and benefits for their causes if they make any purchases with a partner outlet." CareZone supports a diverse list of causes that are close to many UAE residents' hearts, including organizations such as Dubai Autism Centre, K9 Friends and the United Nations World Food Programme, among many others. To mark the beginning of a partnership with CareZone, Ashraf Hamouda from the UN World Food Programme (WFP) commented, "Nonprofit organizations such as the UN WFP rely heavily on the support and generosity of our donors. It's great to see visionary platforms like CareZone being launched to allow the public to immediately respond to the world's most urgent crises." Since the beginning of July, the UN WFP has reached nearly 8 million people in the Horn of Africa with food assistance. The WFP's Horn of Africa appeal remains $250m short of current needs. Hamouda continued, "We would like to see UAE residents use CareZone every day as it provides a unique way to donate to worthy causes at no extra cost to them." Hussein Wehbe, Country Manager - Dubai and Northern Emirates, Aramex, spoke about the partnership with CareZone, saying, "Aramex is proud to have joined CareZone both as a retail partner and as their official logistics partner, as their vision aligns with our continuous commitment to nurture and support social entrepreneurship and innovation in the region." "CareZone is simply an innovative way to use everyday technology and allow people across all demographics to help contribute to their favorite causes while carrying on with their daily routine using devices already carried in their pockets," concluded Tilani. CareZone is available today on the iPhone as a free download from Apple's App Store. Nokia, Android and BlackBerry apps will be released soon.
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