Tap into the thriving eCommerce market of the Middle East & North Africa with Aramex Atlantic Plus!

Tap into the thriving eCommerce market of the Middle East & North Africa with Aramex Atlantic Plus!   

If you are a US based eTailer looking to expand your sales channels into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, then Aramex Atlantic Plus is your cross border partner of choice.

Why the MENA?

With an online retail market estimated at over $3.5 billion today, according to a study by Visa released last year, online retail in the Middle East is booming. It goes without saying, high disposable income and mass credit card penetration is a major contributor to this trend.1

Around 77m Middle East internet users are already searching for products online, more choices, better value for money or looking for goods not available in their local brick-and-mortar stores. According to Effective Measure | Spot On PR, 32% of MENA internet users, led by GCC (KSA, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain & Kuwait), buy products and services online.2 

Here are some more interesting statistics that reflect the meteoric growth of eCommerce in the region: 

- GCC internet users lead online shopping in MENA region. (please check chart on the right)
- Total GCC e-commerce sales were estimated to be between $3bn and $3.5bn1
- 55% to 60% of sales are in the UAE (UAE has the lion's share of GCC e-commerce transactions)1

As a US based eTailer, you're probably already aware of the business benefits for cross border commerce. Here are some additional statistics:

- International markets (outside the US) contributed about 69% of eCommerce sales in 2010.3
- Some companies already earned about one-half of their revenue from outside of the USA.

How Atlantic Plus can Help Your Business

So how can Aramex's Atlantic Plus help your business tap into this exciting region? By partnering with one of the largest transportation and logistics network in the region, and state-of-the-art warehouses and facilities in major hubs like Dubai, your business can leverage our resources to deliver your products to a market of 360 million consumers. Aramex also cuts down your costs by consolidating your packages at origin in the US, prepare all export documentations to make it easier to track your cost by including customs and clearance charges in the final selling prices offered to your customers. Our team of experts have built valuable relationships with customs authorities across the region, giving you a reliable local partner to help you ship cross border. Finally, our world class APIs and tools can easily integrate with your fulfillment systems, giving you a convenient way to access shipping and handling rates, customs charges, and order tracking.

Atlantic Plus Benefits:
-Guaranteed competitive express rates across the Atlantic to the Middle East and Africa.
-3-5 business days express delivery times into the Middle East and Africa, direct to your customers.
-Advanced API tools to completely integrate with your website for rate calculation, shipment preparation and seamless tracking of packages on your website.
-Landed cost calculator (GCC): customs, duties, clearance charges and more.

With Aramex, you also get these value added services:
-Pick up services in the US from your fulfillment facilities when required.
-Sorting, order processing and fulfillment out of JFK.
-Return Service to shipping origin.
-Multi-lingual Call Center support.
-APIs and a Developers Centers that help your IT team easily integrate with our systems.

Getting started with Aramex is easy. Just tell us a few things about your business and our US operations team will connect with you right away, or, you can call us at:

 718-553-8740 (ext. 1005)
Monday to Friday: 9:00-17:00 (Eastern Standard Time)

You can contact us on this email address. Please provide us with Full Name, website, business, phone number and request details.
You can also submit your details on this link

1 Wamda
2 Media consumption & habits of MENA Internet users, Research conducted by Effective Measure in conjunction with Spot On PR September 2010)
3 2011/2012 Semester 2, SD 5952Mews opportunities in Digital Media) (Week 10/11 Social Networking Services (SNS) & Ecommerce)

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