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Evident since our founding, we have continued to lead our sector and the region in sustainability through constantly strategizing, improving and innovating our approach. Our core values have always been the engine of our sustainability, driving us to invest in, and empower our people, enhance customer experience and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and always opt for socially and environmentally responsible practices.

Our sustainability strategy has evolved over the years by adopting emerging best practices in sustainability and by creating new ones. Our holistic approach to sustainability is crucial to our business model, integrated into our operations, and guided by our communities and core competencies while remaining aligned with a global sustainable development agenda. Our investments in, and commitment to sustainability help ensure sustainability for our company, our communities, and the planet in the future.


We are pleased to share with you our 9th Integrated Report and 13th Sustainability Report.

In This Report
2018 Annual Report | CEO Letter | Our People | Sustainability | Financials