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Logistics leader Aramex improves customer service with Citrix NetScaler

Couriers at Aramex rely on around-the-clock access to business apps and data when they’re on the road transporting goods and delivering parcels.

Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation services, offers freight options by land, air, and sea. With a large workforce of 18,000 employees in over 66 countries, Aramex wanted to make sure that its couriers and staff had reliable, secure access to core business apps, no matter where they are.

Because the logistics industry depends heavily on accuracy and can’t afford downtime, Aramex chose Citrix networking solutions to ensure top performance and reliability while protecting sensitive customer information.

24/7 security and availability

Aramex was expanding operations at a rapid pace. They needed a networking solution that would optimize the delivery of core business applications to its couriers, without comprising on security. With drivers moving from one location to another constantly and at all hours of the day and night, technology plays an important role in making sure that packages are delivered on time.

Aramex chose NetScaler ADC to provide high application performance for mobile, remote, and branch users. They also chose NetScaler AppFirewall to ensure full protection of their website from both known and unknown attacks.

A more productive workforce

By providing reliable access to apps and files from anywhere and at any time, delivery drivers can access the addresses and cargo manifests much more efficiently. With more of their time freed up, they can prioritize important work and not focus on administrative tasks.

“The change in consumer behavior and their increasing demand for faster and more efficient delivery services at their convenience meant that we need to analyze how to meet these requirements. By installing Citrix products, we are now able to provide our drivers with innovative technology in the palm of their hands, giving them faster access to information and ultimately offering a faster service to millions of customers,” –Ayd Asraf, IT DevOps Lead

With employees working more productively, Aramex can process a higher number of customer orders, generating more revenue for the business.

Fortified network security

Aramex’s website is an important part of the business operations. Customers can prepare and track shipments, schedule pickups, prepare invoices, and more. NetScaler AppFirewall protects the site from attacks while keeping customers’ personal information secure—all without sacrificing performance.

Affordable scalability

As Aramex continues its global expansion into the logistics market, they needed a flexible solution that could grow with them. NetScaler ADC offers a pay-as-you-go model with options to scale up and down as demands change over time.

Plus, up to 32 NetScaler appliances can be clustered to provide aggregated throughput and capacity, saving the company from having to make substantial future investments.

“Our partnership with Citrix has allowed us to improve customer service in more than 240 countries, streamline operations, and reduce overall IT costs. We are currently in the process of evaluating additional areas where Citrix can enhance our IT network, with the intention of achieving our strategic goals for the future,” says Samer Awajan, CTO of Aramex.