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The 5 words guiding our sustainability strategy
Holistic * Evidence-based * Stakeholder-centric * Dynamic* Proactive

Over the last 35+ years of our sustainability journey, our approach, projects, and partnerships have evolved, deepening the integration of our sustainability in our operations, enhancing our commitments, and expanding our reach and impact. We continue to be forward looking, diligently measuring and evaluating our progress towards evidence-based goals while following a partnership and investment model which focuses on longevity, transparency, and engagement with communities.

This section elaborates on our approach to and sustainability activities and environmental stewardship, and some of the highlights of our partnerships.

In 2021, we increased our beneficiaries base by 300% reaching 1,060,000 beneficiaries, made up of community members, students, youth, and children, extending across 56 countries resulting in active sustainability projects and partnerships covering 86% of our global base. This increase came from our response to the global event that took place during the year which added an extra 700,000 beneficiaries.

Sustainability process graphic