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InfoFort Information Management & Digital Transformation Solutions

At Aramex, information management is so important that we have a fully owned subsidiary, InfoFort, dedicated to delivering a wide range of digital transformation solutions.

Since 1997, InfoFort is the Leading Information Management Solution Provider across Middle East, Africa and Asia.

InfoFort’s solutions cover the whole information management lifecycle and allow customers to move from paper to digital information management; structure their information; capture, process and validate data; automate customized workflows; and deploy electronic and digital signatures using smart and secure mobile technologies.

InfoFort is recognized as a "Cool Vendor in Emerging Markets" according to Gartner's 2016 report, by leveraging its advanced technologies to increase the speed of adoption of the digitization and automation journey.

Document Scanning & Capture

InfoFort’s solid experience and large scale technical expertise of over one billion digitized papers made us a leading company within Document Scanning, Capture and Management. We are moving hundreds of clients towards a paperless, safe and secure environment enhancing their productivity and business continuity. Our Scanning and Capture Solutions ensure secure data transfer, integration to any database with free online and mobile access.

Electronic Document Management & Workflow Automation System

Serving more than 300,000 users across the region, enVision Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), was built to help organizations transform their paper-based processes into a digital environment. InfoFort secure Electronic Document Management System provides you with easy access to your data through our user friendly, highly customizable and mobile enabled platform.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

InfoFort's Business Intelligence and Analytics solution will help you identify business problems and market trends on the go, improve your line of business and outpace the competition with insightful decision-making. InfoFort BI platform offers you a single and unified visualization interface across all data sources, providing full functionality and faster performance for data extraction, exploration, analysis and reporting.

Fixed Assets Management

Full visibility and tracking of your assets goes beyond the basics of accurate financial statements. InfoFort Fixed Assets Management solution enables companies to reduce dependency on individuals and ensures full control over fixed assets. We help you build a hierarchical classification structure of the assets for financial and physical tracking, accurate asset depreciation forecasting and reporting, as well as comprehensive and cost effective physical audits.

Secure Document Storage & Management

Secure preservation and compliance are key factors in business continuity. Our reliable and customized Document Storage & Management solutions ensure preservation, accessibility and confidentiality of your physical records. Our dedicated Document Management centers are fully compliant with industry standards to keep your data safe with 24/7 security, access control, motion detectors, CCTV and other advanced technologies.

Media/ Tape Vaulting & Backup Solutions

Disaster Recovery is considered an essential business continuity measure. InfoFort services provide you with a secure and cost-effective way to backup, store your business critical information, and ensure an instant data recovery with 24 x 7 operation. Your backup tapes are stored in InfoFort's highly Secure Vaults that are climate controlled, equipped with FM 200 suppression systems, and CCTV. They are delivered in temperature-controlled and GPS tracked vehicles on scheduled and unscheduled basis.