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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the meaning of the customs terminologies used by Aramex?

    While we try our best to keep our communication as simple and easy to understand as possible, we will, from time to time, use industry terminologies. For a complete list of terminologies, please view or download.

  • I would like to know more about items that are unacceptable for shipping, insurance, and service restrictions.

    Please view our comprehensive list of Terms and Conditions here.

  • What other benefits will I get with Aramex Express?

    Aramex Express now offers value added services such as collect charges, Cash-on delivery, Delivery (COD), free domicile, and signature required and much more.

  • What is Parcel Express?

    The Aramex Parcel Express is the service of shipping parcels and packages and delivering them to their respective recipients. However, the minimum chargeable weight for parcels is 500 grams (1 lbs).