Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I order for Aramex boxes, pouches, and other supplies?

    Visit our ‘Order Supplies’ section in ‘My Aramex’ page and submit an order for what you need.

  • Where can I get the ClickToShip software?

    ClickToShip software can be downloaded from the Downloads page. You can also request a free copy from the local Aramex office.

  • How can I tell if my shipment qualifies for Express or Freight?

    For Express shipment, the following conditions must be met:

    • A maximum of 30 kilograms
    • A combined length of not more than 274 centimeters (108 inches)
    • The dimensions must not exceed 158 centimeters (62 inches)
    • Maximum value limit for an express shipment (per shipment piece) is US$50,000

    If your shipment does not match any of the above conditions, then it cannot be shipped as Express.

  • What is the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight?

    Actual weight is the weight of the package while volumetric weight takes into consideration the dimensions of the package. For example, if you order a tall vase, the volumetric package weight will be calculated based on the Length x Width x Height divided by 5000.

    When your package is received at our facility, we calculate both the actual weight of the package and its volumetric weight; the larger figure will be applied to your package. This procedure is followed by all airlines and freight forwarding companies.