Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is ClickToShip?

    The Aramex ClickToShip is a special software given to Aramex customers to ease the process of preparing shipments, printing air waybills, managing address books, as well as other useful functions.


  • What is Aramex Return Service?

    Aramex Return is a service that allows customers to send a documents or parcel that needs a signature or any other action and then needs to be returned to the shipper.

  • What is Aramex Domestic Service?

    Aramex Domestic is the service of shipping and delivering documents and parcels within the customer's country.

  • How do I send an Express Shipment with Aramex?

    You can ship with Aramex using one of the following methods:

    • Use the Online Shipping page to prepare your shipment
    • Download and use our free ClickToShip software to prepare your shipment at your convenience
    • Call your local Aramex office using the office Locator and ask for a shipment pickup
    • You can also drop your shipment at the nearest Aramex office