Process And Governance

Aramex Franchise Process and Governance

Aramex Franchise Process and Governance

If you want a reliable and successful business supported by expertise and strength of a global brand name, apply now to start your Aramex Franchise Process. We are looking for committed and innovative entrepreneurs in all markets to build and sustain long lasting franchises.

Screening and Selection

The first step is to submit an application form along with a business plan and other supporting documents in order for us to make a feasibility assessment.

Franchisee Induction

Once your application and business plan are approved, it’s important for Franchisees to carefully review and abide by the Aramex Franchisee Compliance Guidebook, which contains all compliance requirements and policies.

Additionally, Franchisees should provide the required documents and information to Aramex Franchising Team upon request.

The following is a list of required documents and information that should be completed by the Franchisee and submitted for the review and approval of the compliance team:

  1. Aramex Franchisee Compliance Guidebook.
  2. Code of Conduct Acknowledgment
  3. Conflict of Interest Declaration Form
  4. Franchisee Agent's Template Form
  5. Franchisee Vendor's Template Form
  6. Franchisee Customer's Template Form
  7. Aramex Corporate Questionnaire
Setup and Training

Once a franchisee is selected, Aramex will assist in setting up the franchise operations and will provide a comprehensive training program on running Aramex business in the assigned country. The goal is to ensure a seamless experience for all Aramex customers globally so we work with our franchisees closely to ensure that.

Growing the Franchise

Franchisees will be periodically evaluated on their sales performance, geographical coverage, market share, and operational excellence. Aramex will provide continuous support to your business to ensure its continuous growth.

We look forward to applicants who can share the same values with us, apply our systems, and the way we execute business. If you believe you have what it takes to become an Aramex Franchisee, fill out the form to begin the Aramex Franchise Process.