A smart shipping application
Automated shipping for your business website
Speed up shipments
Speed up shipments
ClickToShip is a Smart Shipping Software that automates shipment preparations and pick‐up requests, calculates shipping rates, tracks shipments and manages your shipping addresses.
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This application requires .Net framework 4.5 or higher.
Smart shipping
Add weight, domestic & international service & payment methods.
Specify waybill prints & save last shipper & consignee details.
Prompt for pick-up and edit delivery time and place.
What’s new in ClickToShip
The latest update makes it easier to use ClickToShip with added features for all business types.
Use ClickToShip offline
You won’t need to connect to the internet to use ClickToShip. Just turn on the offline mode and use the software in the same way to create and manage shipments. You will only need to connect to the internet to enable tracking.

To use ClickToShip offline, you need to change the mode value to 544a1866‐42d0‐4d5caa71‐e2d5af8307cf in the system.setting file under installation directory.
Create rate quotes
Create quotations with the rate calculator and save them for future shipments. To search for a saved quotation go to the Home Screen and then Quotations.

Print multiple shipping labels
Choose how many shipping labels you need to print with three different modes. Go to the Shipment Defaults page and choose from the following:

  • . Fixed Mode: Prints the number specified in the Waybill Copies field, no matter how many pieces are in each shipment.
  • . Normal Mode: Prints shipping labels based on the number of pieces in each shipment and prints any Extra Copies you need.
  • . Custom Mode: Prints shipping labels based on the number of pieces in each shipment, any Waybill Copies and Extra Copies.

Use ClickToShip prepaid
Easily check your prepaid stock ranges per product through the Prepaid Shipping Labels module.