Edit pickup preferences

You can fill in the pickup information once, and it will be automatically added as pickup address each time when you schedule a pickup. You still can change it manually.

If you have a linked account, you can edit your pickup preferences for your profile and each of your accounts separately.

To edit pickup preferences:

  1. Log in and on the Dashboard page, go to Manage profile.


On the Dashboard, go to Accounts, and on the needed account, click Pickup preferences.

  1. On the page that opens, in the Pickup information section, change the following pickup settings as you like:
  • My default address – Click to add or edit the address from which your shipments will be picked up. You can also use addresses from your Address book.
  • Pickup location – Specify at which location you would like to schedule a pickup.
  • Pickup ready time, latest time – Select the time period during which you want the courier to pick up your shipment.
  1. Click Save.

Your pickup preferences are up-to-date!


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