Edit shipping preferences

You can fill in the shipping information once, and it will be automatically added as shipper's address each time when you send a shipment. You still can change it manually.

If you have a linked account, you can edit your shipping preferences for your profile and each of your accounts separately.

To edit shipping preferences:

  1. Log in and on the Dashboard page, go to Manage profile.


On the Dashboard, go to Accounts, and on the needed account, click Shipping preferences.

  1. On the page that opens, in the Shipping information section, change the following shipping settings as you like:
  • My default address – Click to add or edit your address from which all your shipments will be sent by default. You can also use addresses from your Address book.
  • Unit – Select the preferable units of dimension and weight.
  • Currency – Select the currency in which all the shipping costs will be displayed.
  • Printer type – Select the type of a label to be printed with a shipment invoice.
  • Goods description – Provide a short description of what you usually ship.
  • Shipment reference – Type in a reference if any.
  • Weight – Type in weight of your shipments. Separate decimal values with a period (for example, 1.5).
  • Invoice type– Select the invoice type to be printed.
  • Default payment options – Select the method that will be used for payment during online shipping.
  • Schedule a pickup request upon shipping – Select to schedule a pickup immediately after a shipment is prepared. Otherwise, you have 10 days to schedule a pickup on your prepared shipments manually.
  • Save receiver address to address book – Select to add the specified address of a receiver to your address book. You can manage your address book using the Dashboard.
  1. Click Save.

Your shipping preferences are up-to-date!


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