We bring your business everything you need when it comes to online delivery services.
Our solutions
Every employee throughout the office can use this platform, this way everyone is on the same page when it comes to shipments.
This interface is a one stop solution that keeps all your shipments and deliveries managed leaving no room for confusion.
Services available using
  • Import address book
  • Track shipments
  • Calculate rates
  • Receive shipment updates
Which kind of APIs does Aramex offer?
Aramex provides you with a number of APIs and tools that allow you to seamlessly integrate your website with our various applications.
Rate Calculator API
With our Rates Calculator API, you can now inquire about shipping rate and provide your customers with real time rates through integrating this service with your system.
Shipping Services API
With our Shipping Services API, you can create shipments, print shipping labels, request a pickup and attach additional documentation to your shipment from your own system. This enables you to provide your customers with all needed functionalities for shipping.
Shipments Tracking API
Shipments Tracking API provides you with real time updates to keep track of your shipments status.
Location Services API
  • Standard list of all countries and cities.
  • Full details about each country; for example if a specific country requires a post/zip code to be provided
  • Validation of country, city, post/zip code and state
  • Suggesting cities based on post/zip code for countries that requires post/zip codes
  • List of all Aramex offices along with their details including; address, phone, working days, working hours and geographical location