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Customs Terminologies

  • Bill Of Entry

    A document issued by customs authorities for importers or exporters to specify the type, quantity and destination of the goods being carried or shipped out; and it acts as proof of submission for custom authorities.

  • Commercial Invoice

    A document supplied by the shipper that provides information about the goods, including the following details :

    - Full details of shipper and recipient's names and addresses
    - Clear description of goods
    - Quantity of each item of goods
    - HS Codes
    - Origin of each item
    - Unit price
    - Total price and currency
    - Total number and type of packages
    - Total gross and net weight of goods
    - Shipper's signature or stamp

  • Certificate of Origin

    A statement signed by the exporter, and attested by a local Chamber of Commerce, indicating which country the goods are manufactured in.