Aramex expands its presence in Hong Kong

Aramex expands its presence in Hong Kong  

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Hong Kong (HKSAR) March 18, 2009 - Aramex, the global logistics and transportation solutions provider, today announced its decision to expand the scope of its operations in Hong Kong. Aramex's Hong Kong office was established 10 years ago as a customer service centre (C/S) serving the company's network in the Middle East and Europe, mainly for express and freight movements out of China. The expansion will see the Hong Kong office become an independent business centre and regional hub focused on expanding operations within Hong Kong, increasing its market share for both express and freight, and improving the visibility of the Aramex brand in Asia's most critical trading hub.

"Hong Kong's superior logistics infrastructure, highly developed economy and advanced transportation network make it a natural choice for Aramex as we expand in the region. We constantly seek new markets and regions to expand our service offerings and client base. Investing and expanding in East Asia is a critical part of our long-term expansion strategy," Country Manager of Aramex, Mr Samer Marei, said.

"We see Hong Kong as one of the key hubs in this region and a critical gateway to China, which holds endless possibilities," he continued. The Hong Kong office will be tasked to grow Aramex's market share locally and regionally, expand overall ground operations, penetrate substantially into Hong Kong's retail market and serve the wholesale market in Mainland China. The company is also looking to increase its capabilities and market share in third-party logistics; that is integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customised to fit a customer's needs. Expounding further on the rationale for the company's expansion in Hong Kong, Mr Marei said, "We are growing our business and presence across Asian markets and our expansion in Hong Kong is to facilitate intra-Asian shipments as well as exports to other parts of the world, particularly Europe and the US." As part of that expansion, the company will also focus on developing its ground operations' presence within Hong Kong, establishing more service centres to get closer to customers, and augmenting its pick-up and delivery operations.

Country Manager of Aramex, Samer Marei, says, “Hong Kong’s superior logistics infrastructure, highly developed economy and advanced transportation network make it a natural choice for Aramex as we expand in the region."

Investing more resources into marketing through research will also enable the company to better understand market conditions, initiate differentiation strategies, and profile customers in order to meet their needs. Aramex is also planning to expand its sales force within Hong Kong and, in conjunction with its operations in Hong Kong, is developing international plans to connect its main retail markets within 24 hours to major cities in Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S. "We are spreading out with more economic routes that serve the wholesale market in China at a more affordable pricing structure," Mr Marei added.

Director-General of Investment Promotion at Invest Hong Kong, Mr Simon Galpin, said, "Hong Kong's enduring advantages as a regional logistics hub are key attractions for companies like Aramex as they expand their operations in the region." Mr Galpin added, "These advantages facilitate overseas companies to expand their businesses into Asian markets, especially those of Mainland China. We are delighted to have Aramex's further investment in our city. We wish the company every success in the future and look forward to its further expansion in our city."

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