Aramex, Emirates, Dubai Customs adopt e-freight

Aramex, Emirates, Dubai Customs adopt e-freight  

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May, 16:- Logistics and freight forwarding firm Aramex has joined Dubai Customs and Emirates airline in implementing the e-freight system.

The new e-freight system provides paper-free operations to enhance trade movement by allowing airlines, freight forwarders and customs administrations to exchange electronic information and e-documents. The e-freight system will continuously reduce the number of paper documents that every air cargo shipment carries with it.

Dubai Customs has been working closely with other government departments and the private sector to facilitate faster and easier processing of trade movement in Dubai. Currently, Dubai Customs processes 85 per cent of all declarations through electronic channels.

Yousif Al Sahlawi, Senior Executive Director of Corporate Affairs at Dubai Customs, said: "The new system to deliver e-commerce trading has been developed after an extensive examination of the country's existing mechanism for freight clearance and the direct, tangible benefit the new system holds for all stakeholders. In 2009, Dubai Customs cleared more than 2.5 million declarations transported by air. Industry studies have shown the potential to reduce the transportation of 62 per cent of the paper in volume."

Aramex Chief Executive Officer for the Middle East and Africa, Hussein Hachem, said: "The new e-freight system led by Dubai Customs and Emirates airline offers a picture of the way forward for air freight in the region, and Aramex is proud to be part of it. This initiative will also enable Aramex to reduce its carbon footprint, which is an important ongoing goal for us."

"The launch of the e-freight system in Dubai takes us into a new, more efficient era for air cargo," said Ram Menen, Emirates' Divisional Senior Vice-President, Cargo. "Emirates has been a key supporter of this initiative as we see clear advantages in it for the entire industry. Freight services are an important business segment that comprise about 19 per cent of airline revenues worldwide. Such an initiative has broad, positive implications for e-trade in the region and for Dubai's economy."

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