ARAMEX Covers the GCC by Land

ARAMEX Covers the GCC by Land   

Inaugurating its 5500 sqm Al Aweer Freight Terminal with Daily Routes to Gulf Cities

Dubai, February 14, 2006: ARAMEX (DFM: ARMX), the leading provider of total transportation solutions in the MENA region and South Asia, today announced that it has begun operating its Express Land Freight Terminal in Al Aweer in Dubai, which will act as a regional hub connecting the Middle East and Arabian Gulf.

ARAMEX’s land freight terminal was built to accommodate the growth of business in the region, which, according to Safwan Tannir, ARAMEX Senior Vice President of Cargo, is expected to grow by 30% during this year. Tannir attributed this growth to several factors, namely, the hike in oil prices, which places land freight as the less costly option when compared to air freight, and the region’s geography and its advanced road network.

He explained: “Land freight is the future of shipping in the Gulf, especially once the transitional period of the GCC Customs Union agreement is completed in 2007. ARAMEX has been diligent in building a solid land freight network and infrastructure to be able to cater to the growing demand.”

The new ARAMEX terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and occupies a prime location for re-export and distribution as it is situated on the Emirates Ring Road connecting industrial and free-trade zones across the UAE. It runs a daily scheduled service that covers the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Yemen, Sudan and Iran will be added at a later stage.

ARAMEX’s Express Land Freight network is operated by a modern fleet of 40-foot container trucks equipped with GPS trackers to enable movement monitoring through

Hussein Hachem, ARAMEX Vice President UAE & Oman, said: “The Express Land Freight Terminal, which occupies a land area of 5500 square meters, will reinforce the concept of multi-modal transportation in the region and will serve the delivery needs of a variety of customers, including the FMCG and technology sectors.”

He added: “Dubai has become a gateway for land freight and a hub for the redistribution of goods to the rest of the Gulf states and the Middle East due to the fact that the UAE boasts a number of free-trade zones and several ports with substantial operational capabilities. The ARAMEX terminal will provide a link for all air and sea cargo moving through Dubai and the Emirates to its final destination.”
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