Health and Safety


We believe that a strong health and safety culture is an essential part of our vision and strategy for the future. Improvements in health and safety improve quality and productivity, and have a positive effect on employee morale.

Our Corporate Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system is supported by policies and procedures which serve as a framework for managing HSE matters at our facilities. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure that they are up to date.

Our Achievements

Aramex has succeeded in maintaining Security and Safety standards for 2016, and no non-compliances were recorded by external auditing bodies or supplier audits.

During the year we continued to develop our corporate health programs by conducting external medical screening of our employees by approved medical providers within the Middle East region. This initiative made good progress towards our long-term health improvement goals. There were no reported cases of occupational illness affecting employees working at our facilities during the year.

We are focused on strengthening our health and safety culture within the company by looking at the format and content of all of our policies and procedures, simplifying these documents to make them easier to use.

We have introduced an HSE Recognition Program to enhance the culture of reporting incidents and accidents, no matter how minor.

Contractor Health and Safety

As an extension of our commitment to enhance our supply chain, we treat our contractors and suppliers just as we treat our permanent employees, maintaining the same concern for their health, safety and well-being.

It is mandatory for contractors and suppliers who come to our facility to perform physical work to receive health and safety induction programs and to adhere to our permit-to-work system.

All Aramex contractors contractually agree to commit themselves to comply with the Aramex Warehouse HSE Management System as well as all Aramex Health & Safety policies and associated requirements. Our incident reporting statistics also apply to all contractors and suppliers who work for us, ensuring accurate and transparent incident reports.     

Training needs are identified, planned and managed for all personnel, including subcontractors, who perform tasks for Aramex. This ensures that they receive the appropriate training to develop their competence and ensure they are compliant with the standards set by the organization.