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ClickToShip is a smart desktop shipping application. As an Aramex customer with regular shipping, ClickToShip automates shipment preparation, pick‐up requests, calculating shipping rates, tracking shipments and managing your shipping addresses; all with a click of a button!

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This application requires .Net framework 4.5 or higher.

What’s New in ClickToShip

In this version, Aramex has added more functionality to ClickToShip; to make it easier to use and to meet your business needs. The following is a highlight of these enhancements:

Introducing an offline version of ClickToShip

The offline mode of ClickToShip serves many businesses working offline most of the time or having internet connectivity issues. The application would still work and allow you to create shipments although some other features such as tracking or manifest would be disabled.

In order to run ClickToShip in an offline mode, you need to change the mode value found in the“system.settings” file found under installation directory to read “544a1866‐42d0‐4d5caa71‐e2d5af8307cf”.

Creating Rate Quotes

Through ClickToShip now, you will be able to create quotations from the Rate Calculator and save them for later use. These saved quotations, can be then converted to shipments with a click of a button.

To search for a saved quotation, go the Home Screen and click on Quotations.

Adding New Print Settings

In the Shipment Defaults page, we have introduced new settings to allow more flexibility when setting up your printing default values.

  • •   Fixed Mode: prints the number specified in the “ Waybill Copies ” field irrespective of the number of pieces within each shipment

  • •   Normal Mode: prints the shipping labels based on the number of pieces in each shipment, adding to that, it prints the “ Extra Copies ” specified

  • •   Custom Mode: prints the shipping labels based on the number of pieces in each shipment, the “Waybill Copies” if any, and the “ Extra Copies ” specified

    ClickToShip for Prepaid

    ClickToShip can now serve customers working through prepaid shipping labels module, enabling them to check their prepaid stock ranges per product.