Shield Service

Shield Service

Shield is a value added service in which Aramex's liability for any loss or damage is USD 100 (or USD 25 for domestic) through Shield its extended up to USD 10,000 for non-document goods, and USD 300 for document shipments in case of loss or damage.

How do I enroll in Aramex Shield?

-   When shipping with Aramex, ask the Aramex courier or agent at receptions to Shield the shipment
-   If you have an account with Aramex, ask your sales team for a Shield service

Excluded Commodities: Shield covers the majority of commodities shipped with Aramex, however certain commodities are excluded. Shield exceptions.

Excluded Countries: Certain countries are excluded from the Shield service. Shield excluded countries.

How does it work?

In the event of any incident that might give rise to a claim occurring under Shield Service. Aramex Team must be notified no later than 7 days from the day the shipment was delivered or from the day the shipment was supposed to be delivered. This notification should include a description of loss/damage and loss estimate.

Claims will be acknowledged by Aramex within the next working day of submitting the claim.

Within 30 days of receiving the claim, supported by all documents described below; Aramex will confirm the claim status:
-   If admissible, a compensation amount will be set
-   If not admissible, a reason will be provided.

What documents to include when submitting a claim?

1. Waybill
2. Photographs of damaged shipment if available
3. Commercial invoice. If a proforma invoice is provided instead of a commercial invoice, item will be considered a used second hand item
4. Packing list if available

Please click here for Shield Terms and Conditions.