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I want to start selling online, I need the full package.
I have an e-commerce website and I need a reliable partner for delivery.
I already work with Aramex, but I want to expand.
Domestic & international solutions
Click & Collect
Send shipments to any Aramex outlet so your customers can pick up at their convenience and you can avoid missed deliveries.
Pickup Points
Don’t wait for your shipments, make them wait for you with Aramex Pickup Points. Drop off or pick up your parcels at any Aramex outlet, locker or choose any of our partner locations like cafés, retail stores and pharmacies close to you.
Drop & Ship
Get your supplier to ship to a local forwarding address instead of an international customer address. We will pick up the parcel and deliver anywhere in the world, reducing your import costs by up to 25%.
Ship it the Aramex way
Why e-commerce businesses choose us
International deliveries in 2-3 days and same-day domestic shipments.
Online shipping and real-time tracking updates with weather updates.
Fast customs clearance with brokers at every major cross-border location.
Pick-ups and drop-offs at any location or warehouse of your choice.
SME and enterprise solutions
If you’re an SME or a social seller we make it easy to scale your business with affordable shipment bundles.
No business registration needed and customs prices are included so you can start shipping right away.
View rates ahead of time and track shipments in real-time.
Let your customers choose same-day delivery for orders before 4pm.
Choose from local and international shipping and save up to 63% on costs.
Choose your shipment bundle.
Provide shipping information.
Confirm and pay!
We offer short and long-term warehouse space in over 65 countries with innovative technology and integrated customer systems for full visibility.
We have customs brokers at every major cross-border location and offer freight insurance, and duty and tax calculations with HS Code classifications.
Experience + for business support
We support businesses with data entry, inbound and outbound calls, social media and email management and offer a 24/7 customer service desk and payment collections.
Aramex Interactive Chatbot
Easily schedule shipments with customers.
Instantly track your deliveries in real-time.
Automatically turn on location sharing for your customers.
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