Protecting the Environment

As a business, we are aware of the risks and impact that our industry and everyday operations have on the environment. There is an ever-increasing need for us to invest in renewable and alternative energy and technologies, which play a key role in our ongoing sustainability strategy and projects.

At Aramex, we are committed to investing, innovating, and working towards reducing our negative environmental impact. This includes finding new ways to increase efficiency, lower energy consumption and material use, as well as managing our overall environmental footprint.

We reduced our total emissions per shipment by 25% compared to our 2012 baseline. Also, in 2016, we were able to increase our recycling by 17% and reduce our electricity consumption by 15% per shipment, compared to 2015. 


Reducing our Carbon Footprint ​

2016 was a big year for us, as we initiated several environmental investments as part of our efforts to achieve our goal of cutting our carbon emissions per shipment by 20% by 2020. Since we have already met this goal, we have committed to an additional 20% decrease in carbon emissions from our own operations by 2020.

Aramex Solar Power Projects