Our Youth Education and Empowerment Programs

Youth make up a significant proportion of the communities in which we operate. It is our belief that they hold the key to the world’s positive and sustainable development. At Aramex, we recognize their potential and see immense value in investing in their future. Through this investment in youth and communities, we ensure that not only do our staff grow themselves, but also grow with the company.

Our youth education and empowerment programs aim to provide young people with the necessary skills and tools they need to be successful in their careers. This is aligned with our spirit that the best way to give back to our societies is by empowering youth, supporting their education, and investing in their futures.

We design our programs to address the different needs of the youth and their communities, creating long-term partnerships with local and international organizations and institutions. We also provide financial scholarships for education and empowerment through training and mentorship, including increased access to educational and IT programs which enhance their long-term development and growth.

To date, we have been able to reach over 4,300 students through our different youth education and empowerment programs.

Future of tomorrow

Today’s youth will build the future of tomorrow.  We are investing heavily in young people to equip them with the skills and tools they need to enter and thrive in the job market and prepare for tomorrow. Our development programs include scholarships, training and internships and specific skills development programs within particular industries.     

Aramex Athletes

Aramex is proud to sponsor rising athletes Rana Qubbaj, Ruba Sayegh and Natasha Valentine in the sport of Jiu Jitsu as well as world renowned Ultra Marathon Runners Salameh Al Aqra and Mohammad Al Sweity.

Education and Empowerment