Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The Aramex Group (“Aramex”) has drafted this Cookie Policy in order to explain Aramex’s policy regarding the use of any personal information it collects on visitors of the Aramex website (i.e., (the “Website”) through cookies which may be stored on and accessed from visitors’ devices when they use or visit This Cookie Policy’s goal is to allow those visitors to understand how their personal information may be handled by Aramex through cookies, as well as the rights they have in relation to their personal information. 

In general, Aramex will handle personal information collected through cookies, in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner. Aramex has considered internationally recognised principles on the protection of personal data when defining its policies, such as the principles of purpose limitation, storage limitation, data minimisation, data quality and confidentiality.

The controller regarding all personal data processing carried out via cookies that Aramex uses on the Website, is Aramex International LLC, with registered offices at P.O. Box 95946, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

You can exercise your rights as a Data Subject against Aramex by submitting an online support request (here) or by sending a written request to Aramex at the following address: Aramex has also appointed a Group Data Protection Officer. To contact the Aramex DPO, please submit an online support request (here).


This Cookie Policy is part of Aramex’s Privacy Policy. For more information regarding Aramex’s personal data processing activities, please read Aramex’s Privacy Policy (accessible here).


Definitions, characteristics, and application of standards

Cookies are small text files that may be sent to and registered on your computer by a website you visit, to then be re-sent to the same site when you visit it again. It is thanks to these cookies that the website can “remember” your actions and preferences (e.g., login data, language, font size, other display settings, etc.), so that you do not need to configure them again when you next visit the website, or when you change pages within the website.

Cookies are used for electronic authentication, monitoring of sessions and storage of information regarding your activities when accessing a website. They may also contain a unique ID code which allows tracking of your browsing activities within a website, for statistical or advertising purposes. Some operations within a website may not be able to be performed without the use of cookies which, in certain cases, are technically necessary for operation of the website.

When browsing a website, you may also receive cookies from websites or web servers other than the website being visited (i.e., “third-party cookies”).

There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, which may be stored on your computer for different periods of time: “session cookies”, which are automatically deleted when you close your browser, and “persistent cookies”, which will remain on your device until their pre-set expiration period passes.

According to the law which may be applicable to you, your consent may not always be necessary for cookies to be used on a website. In particular, “technical/necessary cookies” – i.e. cookies which are only used to send messages through an electronic communications network, or which are needed to provide services you request – typically do not require this consent. This includes browsing or session cookies (used to allow users to login) and function cookies (used to remember choices made by a user when accessing the website, such as language or products selected for purchase).

On the other hand, “profiling/marketing cookies” – i.e., cookies used to create profiles on users and to send advertising messages in line with the preferences revealed by users while browsing websites – typically require specific consent from users, although this may vary according to the applicable law.

Types of cookies used by the Website

The Website uses the following types of cookies: 

  • Necessary cookies, which are strictly necessary for the Website’s operation, and/or to allow you to use the Website’s content and Aramex services made available via the Website.
  • Preference cookies, which are used to activate specific website functions and to configure the Website according to your choices, in order to improve your experience.
  • Statistics cookies, which allow Aramex to understand how users make use of the Website, and to track traffic to and from the Website.
  • Marketing cookies, which are used to observe the preferences you reveal through your use of the Website and to send you advertising messages in line with those preferences.

Aramex also uses third-party cookies – i.e. cookies from websites / web servers other than Aramex’s own website, which are owned by third parties. These third parties will either act as independent data controllers from Aramex regarding their own cookies (using the data they collect for their own purposes and under terms defined by them) or as data processors for Aramex (processing personal data on Aramex’s behalf). For further information on how these third parties may use your information, please refer to their privacy policies:


Cookie types and purposes

Further information


Statistics / Marketing cookies

  • Store the user’s usage history of the AddThis sharing widget (which may be used for targeted advertising)
  • Store user location data to analyse location of users which share information with each other
  • Store data on user sharing of website content via social media

Google (Analytics, DoubleClick, YouTube, AdSense)

Necessary cookies

  • Estimate users’ bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos
  • Allow the reCAPTCHA system to function, so that human users can be distinguished from bots
  • Determine whether a user’s browser accepts cookies


    Preference cookies

  • Store users’ video player preferences for embedded YouTube videos


    Statistics cookies

  • Generate statistical data about how users make use of our website
  • Allow the tracking of users across devices and marketing channels
  • Store data about what YouTube videos a user has seen


    Marketing cookies

  • Record and report users’ actions after viewing or clicking on advertisements displayed on our website, to measure advertisement effectiveness and for targeted advertising


Necessary cookie

  • Used for user session tracking


Aramex uses Google Analytics on the Website. This is a tool developed by Google and used to collect information, which permits evaluation of the use of the Website, analysis of your behaviour and improvement of your experience with the Website. You can obtain more information about how to opt out of Google Analytics at:

➤ First-party cookies present on the Website

In detail, the first-party cookies present on the Website are as follows: 



Cookie types and purposes



Necessary cookie

  • Used for cross-site request forgery protection

1 day


Necessary cookie

  • Used for user session tracking

Current session


Necessary cookie

  • Records cookie preferences

1 year


Preference cookie

  • Records the last country selected on the Website

30 days


Preference cookie

  • Records the last used language on the Website

30 days


Necessary cookie

  • Used for user session tracking

180 days


Cookie settings

You can choose not to consent to the use of certain cookies, or otherwise withdraw your consent (and thereby block or delete) certain cookies, via the cookie consent management platform made available to you on the Website.

You can also change your cookie settings through your browser options. Your cookie preferences will be reset if different browsers are used to access the Website. For more information on how to set the preferences for cookies via your browser, please refer to the following instructions:

CAUTION: If you block or delete any Necessary cookies used by the Website through your browser settings, the Website may become impossible to browse, certain of its services or functions may become unavailable or other malfunctions may occur. In this case, you may have to modify or manually enter some information or preferences every time you visit the Website.


This Cookie Policy entered into force on November 15, 2022. Aramex reserves the right to partly or fully amend this Cookie Policy, or simply to update its content, e.g., as a result of changes in applicable law. Aramex will inform you of any substantial changes as soon as they are introduced (through a pop-up on Aramex’s website, and through e-mail notifications sent to customers / users / consignees included in Aramex’s mailing lists). Changes will be binding as soon as they are published.