Sciences and Pharmaceutical Distribution 

Sciences and Pharmaceutical Distribution 

The life science industry relies heavily on the transportation of highly temperature-sensitive goods. The cold chain cannot be broken, even for a minute. We understand that you cannot accept the loss of any goods, under any circumstances.

Transparency is our greatest tool to complete the cold chain, to achieve this we must continue to innovate daily. Our chain utilises Roam B tracking devices that give you real-time insight on the temperature and humidity of your consignment, it also provides information on interference at every stage, this can be tracked to individual products, not just at container or vessel level  

We understand that compliance is your biggest issue, we know your industry and its regulations inside out and we understand the lasting damage that non-compliance can incur. We know what’s coming, we understand the challenge and we’re here for you, geared up and ready to take this on. 

Our tech focus gives us the ability to process real-time trigger payments as and when your customers receive your products. Partnering with tech-focused, agile, cold chain solutions providers helps to keep your firm ahead of the curve in the innovation race  

To maintain customer confidence, we can allow for product recalls or voiding in transit meaning you’re one step ahead in terms of missing shipments.