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Aramex Application Programming Interface (APIs)

Aramex Application Programming Interface (APIs)

Aramex provides you with a number of APIs and tools that allow you to seamlessly integrate your website with our various applications.

In technical language, Aramex offers API tools to integrate your system with Aramex backend via Internet.

In simple terms, these tools - which work in the background and in real time - take an input (for example shipment weight and destination) and give back an output (for example shipping charges).

Rate Calculator API
With our Rates Calculator API, you can now inquire about shipping rate and provide your customers with real time rates through integrating this service with your system.

Shipping Services API
With our Shipping Services API, you can create shipments, print shipping labels, request a pickup and attach additional documentation to your shipment from your own system. This enables you to provide your customers with all needed functionalities for shipping.

Shipments Tracking API
Shipments Tracking API provides you with real time updates to keep track of your shipments status.

Location Services API
This API offers you the following features:

•   Standard list of all countries and cities
•   Full details about each country; for example if a specific country requires a post/zip code to be provided
•   Validation of country, city, post/zip code and state
•   Suggesting cities based on post/zip code for countries that requires post/zip codes
•   List of all Aramex offices along with their details including; address, phone, working days, working hours and geographical location

Implementation recommendation:

  • •   Use (get countries) to retrieve the list along with requires post/zip code
  • •   If the selected country requires post/zip code, move the cursor to the post/zip code field and mark it as mandatory
  • •   Once the customer fills in the post/zip code, call (validate address API)
    1. If valid and mapped to one city, the API will retrieve it
    2. If valid and mapped to more than one city, the API with retrieve these cities
  • •   If the selected country does not require post/zip code, move the cursor to the city field and mandate it
  • •   Once the customer starts populating the city, call (get cities API) which will retrieve a list of matching cities for the customer
To be able to use these API, you need to have a valid username and account.

Please contact your Aramex Representative to open an account.