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Privacy Policy

Protection and Processing of Personal Data
Information / Clarification/ Declaration of Consent

Our Company acts as the data controller in the stages of protection, processing and transfer in accordance with the legislation and the principle of the protection of personal data and the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals with the Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”). Article 10 and other relevant articles of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data regarding the use of commercial or personal data obtained during the use of all kinds of digital, visual, written and printed data and / or received from third parties as a result of your commercial interaction with our company. we would like to inform you in fullfilment of our information / clarification obligation.

  • Our Company; may provide personal data from the customers and/or its officials all kinds of written, verbal and electronic media, from third parties and / or legal authorities, in order to fulfill our contractual obligations by providing the following purposes and the products /services we offer within the specified legal framework. Your personal data collected by such methods can be processed and transferred within the framework of the processing conditions of KVKK's personal data and special personal data.


  • Our Company processes, stores and transfers the personal data and special personal data (limited with the possibilities defined by law) deemed necessary to provide exclusively the best service and product aimed the information it is obligatory to obtain from the customers and customers' authorities.

  • In this context, your personal data can be processed with a view to the activities of our company to offer products and services to you, to provide general information about these products and to convey opportunities; To contact you about other products and services to be offered by our company, to carry out product sales, marketing and information activities, to achieve customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and acquisition activities, to share offers about our services, to increase our service quality, to make risk analysis, to improve customer needs, It can be processed within the scope of the purpose of sending bulletins and invitations, conducting analysis, reporting, and reporting and examinations that are deemed necessary within the scope of our company's activities.

  • In accordance to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, the data of personal data are listed below in groups. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the terms "personal data" and "special personal data" in the context of the terms and conditions provided in this information / disclosure text include the following information:
    • Name and Contact Information: Name, surname, Commercial title, mobile phone, home phone, business phone, address, branch, e-mail address, internet address, billing information, TR identity number (national identity number), ID photocopy, registration information and other similar documents.
    • Demographic Data: Date of birth, age, gender, marital status, educational background, occupation, interests, preferred language data.
    • Payment Data: Customer invoice and means of payment (name, surname, invoice address, TC ID number, tax ID number), invoices sent to the customer and receipt samples from customers, payment number, invoice number, invoice amount, invoice date, data such as account number and bank details.
  • In order to achieve any of the purposes specified in the processing purposes section, our Company may share your personal data with internal or external source service providers, technical staff, technical personnel or technical service / product providers, postal organizations, cargo companies, law firms, financial advisory offices, Courts, Public Prosecutor's Office, judicial or administrative authorities, Finance, Treasury, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transport, Undersecretariat, all kinds of public institutions and organizations, research companies, call centers, software companies related to complaint management and security, agencies, consultancy companies, companies in the printing industry, Banks, real and/or legal persons, including social media channels, and with authorized institutions, organizations, authorities, administrative and judicial bodies within the scope of legal obligations.


  • The Client's Name-Title and Contact details may be shared with payment institutions for the purpose of authentication in accordance with the payment agency framework agreement to be approved at the payment stage and in accordance with the Regulation on the Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime and Financing of Terrorism published in the Official Gazette number 26751, dated January 9, 2008.

  • Our Companyis subject to keep the records and documents related to the transactions with its customers for a certain period within the scope of legal regulations. In case you want your personal data to be deleted, destroyed or anonymized, this request will be fulfilled at the end of the period determined by legal regulations; during which period, your personal data will not be processed and shared with third parties, except for obligations arising from national and international laws, regulations and contracts. However, in case of any dispute that may arise from your work with our company, personal data will be stored for the limited period of time set in accordance with the relevant legislation and for the purpose of carrying out administrative or judicial processes within the scope of the dispute.


  • Performing liabilities arising from the contracts made with our business partners / customers / suppliers in order to realize legal and commercial liabilities within the framework of the contracts or activities carried out with the third physical persons or legal entities who have a business relationship with our company, and legal arrangements, With the aim of protecting the rights, conducting commercial and legal evaluation processes, conducting legal and commercial risk analyzes, conducting the legal compliance process, conducting financial affairs, fulfilling the legal requirements, fulfilling the decisions of the authorized institutions, organizations and authorities, responding to their requests, It will be processed within the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6.


  • Our Company in order to obtain data can operate and share with individuals or organizations permitted by KVKK and other legislative provisions the data of third parties such as people who visit our company's digital channels and parties who call our call center, guarantors (mortgage, pledge, assignment, guarantee, etc.), legal representatives, guardians, trustees, legal advisors, agents, company partners , customers and / or their officials through all kinds of written, verbal and electronic media, and to make risk analysis, application information, to improve customer needs, to provide all kinds of products and services, to determine identity and to fulfill contractual obligations.


  • The customer declares, accepts and undertakes that the information subject to this information / enlightenment is complete, correct and up-to-date, and in case of any change in this information, will update them with written application to the company immediately. The company does not accept any responsibility in case the shared information is unrealistic or outdated.


  • In accordance with the provisions of KVKK, you can apply to our company in writing and use your rights below:
    • Learning whether personal data is processed,
    • If the personal data is processed, requesting information about it,
    • Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose,
    • To know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data are transferred,
    • Requesting correction of personal data in case it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
    • Request personal data to be deleted or destroyed,
    • Request that these processes be notified to third parties to whom personal data are transferred, in case personal data are corrected, deleted or destroyed,
    • To object to the emergence of a result against the person by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
    • Requesting the removal of the damage in case the personal data is damaged due to the illegal processing of the data.

In this context, the requests submitted will be finalized by our company within thirty days at the latest and information will be provided through your communication address.


If you need to contact us within the scope of KVKK, to provide feedback or raise questions, you can proceed with your petition containing your identity documents and your request, 15 July Mah. Gülbahar Cad. No: 19/3 B-C-D Blok Güneşli / Bağcılar-İstanbul address, if preferred through notary public.

In this context, we would like to remind you that your written applications on the subject can be accepted following the authentication of your identity by us.

  • In your application it is necessary to provide;
  1. Your name, surname and signature if the application is in writing,
  2. For citizens of the Republic of Turkey, your ID number; for foreigners nationality, passport number if any, or ID number if applicable,
  3. Your address of residence or business place subject to notification,
  4. Your e-mail address, telephone and fax number, if any,
  5. Your demand subject,

If necessary, information and documents related to the subject should be attached to the application.

If our Company requests additional information or documents according to the nature and scope of the application, the customer declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she is obliged to provide such information / documents and necessary explanations in order to conclude the application.

In accordance with this information / clarification text, the parties have declared, accepted and undertaken that they will comply with the laws, regulations and legal regulations.

The customer is deemed to have accepted all the relevant conditions, without any changes, with the approval of this information / clarification text. The customer who claims otherwise should not give information /clarification approval.


Information / Clarification Owner
Aramex International Hava Kargo ve Kurye A.Ş.

* I have read the above and I allow the use and sharing of my personal information. This declaration of consent is valid unless it is terminated in writing by me.

Person Concerned