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Customs Department signs MoU with Aramex

Amman, Jordan – Monday, 22nd February, 2021: The Jordan Customs Department (JCD) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions.

In a press briefing, the department noted that the memorandum aims to facilitate customs clearance procedures for incoming shipments delivered by Aramex and provide round-the-clock services.

Signing the memo, JCD Director Maj. Gen. Abdul Majeed Rahamneh, and the General Director of Aramex Tarek Abu Yaghi agreed on the use of a network for correspondence and the confidential exchange of information and data.

Rahamneh said that, according to the memorandum, a special zone for express mail would be created at the air freight section in the customs clearance department at Queen Alia International Airport.

Abu Yaghi stressed the company’s endeavor to build integrated centers for transport, logistics and services in partnership with the JCD.