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From sustainable delivery practices to helping maintain a sustainable environment, find out more about Aramex sustainable stories here.


Care, Act, Save.

  • 1
    Turn off printers/scanners and other unused devices like microwaves, coffee machines, water heaters at the end of the day. View
  • 2
    Use smart power strips that you can turn off at the end of the day. Remember, even when not in use, power adaptors and plug-ins consume energy. “Phantom energy” consumption adds up. View
  • 3
    Using 1 hour less lighting per day at the office could generate savings between 50100-kWh/person/year (source: View
  • 4
    Put your computer to sleep and turn your monitor off when inactive for over 20 minutes View
  • 5
    Turning down the brightness of laptop and phone screens prolongs battery life and consumes less electricity; the same goes for turning off Bluetooth when not in use. View
  • 6
    Remember, electronic devices still use electricity, even on standby, if you won’t be using it for some time, TURN IT OFF! View
  • 7
    Replace light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. They use 75% less energy and last at least 6x longer (source: View
  • 8
    Turn off the lights when you leave a room. View