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From sustainable delivery practices to helping maintain a sustainable environment, find out more about Aramex sustainable stories here.


Save Paper, Save Trees, Save the Planet
Be A Champion!

  • 1
    Think before you print View
  • 2
    Always print on both sides of the paper View
  • 3
    Remember paper is produced from trees, the less you use, the more trees you save! View
  • 4
    Paper production requires lots of water and energy; re-think your paper use. Think before you print! View
  • 5
    Using less paper saves money and trees, but it can also help highlight process inefficiency, keeping track of your printing will improve overall productivity! View
  • 6
    Did you know? Paper production is one of the most energy intensive industries. View
  • 7
    Design documents in a way that reduces printing (smaller margins, smaller line spacing, font size and double sided printing is preferable when you just HAVE to print documents) View
  • 8
    ONLY if you MUST print: Draft First. You can usually change the printer settings to print on “Draft” or “Fast” mode, which uses less ink. Use this mode for all jobs that do not need to be “Final” (source: View
  • 9
    ONLY if you MUST print: Keep it Black & White when possible, consider printing only in black and white to save on color ink (source: View