Sustainability Stories

Change by empowering SMEs

Our roots are entrepreneurial, Aramex has always strongly believed that by supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems, we are developing local capacities and improving socioeconomic statuses, Moreover, by embedding sustainability support in our SME programs, and supporting these enterprises with their sustainability strategy, reporting and programs, we are creating spheres of positive influence that will expand across the regions they operate in from the ground up.

Aramex grew from a small startup founded by two people to a global company with more than 14,000 employees. Entrepreneurship became an essential part of the company& corporate culture and was even formally established as one of its sustainability pillars. The company, from the start, has considered entrepreneurship as a set of skills to be leveraged to address business challenges. More so, entrepreneurship was regarded as a value creator, innovating business models and processes, generating new jobs and new wealth and expanding markets.


''We have always believed that businesses can mobilise change and play a significant role in community development by empowering SMEs and nurturing entrepreneurship. We have ongoing programmers in most locations of our operations that provide entrepreneurial ecosystems, training, mentorship where people not only receive practical know-how but are also exposed to innovative solutions and creative ideas to help them develop the skills they need to succeed. We believe that no one is better equipped than private enterprises to lead a movement aimed at creating enabling entrepreneurial ecosystems and craft multi-sectorial partnerships to that end,'' said Raji Hattar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Aramex.


In line with this strategy, Aramex and InfoFort are launched a program catered to SME’s. The aim of this program is to create partnerships with SMEs in the regions where the companies operate, in order to understand SMEs needs better and provide them with the required support and services. This program is open for SMEs from different sectors to enroll in and is divided into three pillars as follows: 1- Commercial support: Aramex and InfoFort are going to provide preferential rates to enrolled SME’s for the first year based on a commitment from the SME to reach an agreed upon level of business with both companies; this is meant to make sure that the SME is meeting their targets and business plans. Aramex and InfoFort will also help the SME’s structure their supply chain activities where needed.


2- Training and Mentoring: Aramex and InfoFort will help in building the capacity of the SME’s through different channels: a. Giving SME’s access to free online training related to their business lines in partnership with several regional and international online platforms. b. Organizing conference activities with multi-stakeholder attendees in order to provide class room training and networking platforms for SME’s.Aramex and InfoFort Mentoring programs managed by both companies employees catered to the SME needs.


3- Sustainability support: Aramex and InfoFort, in partnership with the United Nations Global Compact local networks and the Global Reporting Initiative, will help SME’s with the integration of sustainability in their business processes; this is done through organizing workshops and training sessions for those SME

Aramex is aiming to foster strong partnerships with other private sector companies; local government institutions; NGO’s and other stakeholders in order to generate shared value with SME’s. The SME program was launched in Oman through an MOU with Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) to collaborate within their areas of expertise towards supporting Omani entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses


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Iyad Kamal, COO of Aramex, shares some e-commerce trends in the Middle East and North Africa at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2013 in Dubai.  Iyad reveals some interesting e-commerce statistics and how Aramex is helping startup retailers and entrepreneurs to launch their e-commerce ventures.Check out the presentation here.

The ArabNet Digital Summit 2013 is the largest gathering of tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East. The ArabNet Digital Summit 2013 delved into cutting-edge trends in mobile, e-commerce, and social media. It explored investments in the MENA digital sector and exhibited the most comprehensive Digital Showcase of up-and-for coming enterprises