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First Copies of National Geographic’s Arabic Earthpulse report are Circulating the Arab World – Aramex sponsors distribution of Ten Thousand copies

Ten thousand copies of the first Arabic version of National Geographic’s “EarthPulse report are being shipped across the Arab world as part of a partnership between the Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy and global logistics company Aramex.

The Arabic EarthPulse report, which had its first exposure at the Sharjah International Book Fair earlier this month, has been circulated to many educational, social, and environmental non- profit institutions in the UAE.

It is now being distributed across Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

National Geographic EarthPulse is an almanac that focuses on key ecological challenges facing the planet. The Arabic version offers additional information relevant to the Arab world and has a dedicated page on the Gulf& environmental issues written by the Emirates Wildlife Society.

The report, which has already been translated into more than 20 languages, takes an in-depth look at: the human condition, our relationship with nature, and our connected world.

The complex translation task was handled by the Emirates Foundation in cooperation with a specialized team of environment experts sponsored by Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Company (GASCO).

Initially, the Foundation will distribute 10,000 copies of the report, with the aim of increasing environmental awareness among students and researchers concerned with environmental issues

.Dr. Lamya Faisal Mohamed, Director of the Emirates Foundation Environment Programme and editor of the Arabic version of the Earth Pulse Report, noted that the distribution aimed to to strengthen on-going efforts to address the environmental challenges faced by our planet.

“Conservation of natural resources is one of our programme vital priorities,” Dr Mohamed said. She expressed her gratitude to Aramex Company for its initiative

Aramex expertise and strong transportation and logistics network in the Arab region will greatly benefit our endeavor to raise awareness of environmental issues in the Arab region,” she added.

Raji Hattar, Chief Sustainability and Compliance Officer at Aramex said: “This support for the EarthPulse project is a demonstration of Aramex’s commitment to sustainable development, which includes raising environmental awareness throughout our communities.

The EarthPulse report includes information and statistics about world population, quality of life, food, water, ecosystems, nature conservation, climate, technology, globalization, and future environment policies as well as maps depicting various world regions.

The Arabic Version forms part of the Emirates Foundation& wide-range of environment initiatives.