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Our Sustainability Initiatives

We at Aramex are fully dedicated to delivering on our responsibility to positively impact the people and businesses in the markets where we operate. Our sustainability platform 'Delivering Good' is designed to help communities grow by running programs focusing on educational development, environmental protection and fostering entrepreneurial talent. Of the communities that are covered by our global footprint, over 90% have active sustainability programs.

Education and Youth Empowerment:

We invest heavily in youth to equip them with the skills and tools they need to enter and thrive in the job market. Our development programs include scholarships, training,internships and specific skills enhancement programs within select industries. We also provide young students with the opportunity to gain increased access to educational and IT programs that will enhance their long­term development and growth.


Aramex offers a range of training and development programs targeted at helping entrepreneurs gain the skills necessary to run a sustainable business. To date Aramex has supported over 1,200 entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs work toward achieving their dreams.

Aramex it Forward

A social initiative offering people a chance to move shipments from one place to another, to do good: powered by each other and supported by Aramex.