As a member of the transportation and logistics community, Aramex fully complies with relevant industry regulations. These include stipulations outlined by local and international regulators so that we continue to operate at the highest standards of international best practice. We strive to ensure that the impact of our services on all stakeholders is consistently positive and in many cases we exceed local regulatory requirements.

Our compliance program strives to ensure that Aramex maintains a culture of respect, honesty and integrity. By providing a framework for managing compliance issues, the program helps ensure that each employee is able to recognize and avoid situations that might compromise Aramex’s integrity. The Program has the support of leadership, demonstrated by a reporting structure that gives the compliance function direct access to the management team and board of directors.

The program has been created to provide the support and tools necessary to fulfil expectations that every staff member acts with honesty and integrity while performing their work.

Aramex’s code of conduct sets forth our endeavour to build an organizational culture that guides our actions and decision-making in a way that is rooted in what is fair and ethical, and what promotes a dignified life for all people. Aramex’s code of conduct is the platform that paves the way for operating globally and interacts with our employees, agents, suppliers, customers and all our stakeholders, resulting in:.

  • Accountable,transparent,respectful,fair and professional business practices.
  • Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information.
  • Safeguarding of assets.
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, policies, procedures and contracts.
  • Healthy and sustainable growth of business.
  • Incorporation of compliance into the day-to- day operations in every aspect of the business(i.e. culture, people, communication, policies, procedures, governance and strategy).
  • Safe, equitable, secure, fair and healthy working conditions.

Moreover we have expounded the code of conduct into single policies to ease the embedment of compliance into the day-to- day work and enhance the internal learning process.

Reporting any known, suspected, or attempted violations of Aramex’s Code of Conduct, may anonymously be reported through:

Case Management System “Lighthouse”

    1. Select your language accordingly.
    2. Then, click the Submit key to start reporting your case.
    3. Please note that you will need to answer a few questions related to your allegation prior to reporting the allegations’ description.