Developers Solutions Center

Developers Solutions Center

The Aramex Developers Solutions Center is made for any business model, offering automated shipping without human interaction and many tools to upgrade the way you manage shipments. Whether you are a start-up with low volume shipments or a well- established business operating at high shipment volumes, Aramex has an interface that will help streamline your delivery process.

If you are looking to develop a website that integrates with Aramex functionalities, use one of our many APIs and E-tools to assist in taking the guesswork out of shipping, online checkouts, shipment tracking, rate calculations, and more for your consumers.

Using you will find that you can easily manage shipments, your address book, track shipments, and much more all online. ClickToShip offers desktop access to all shipments without continuous internet connection. Every business has different needs, and with access to the,ClickToShip, APIs, and other e-tools you can always count on reliable shipping services.

In our Developers Center you will find the following:

  • •  Sample codes
  • •  Detailed documentations and manuals for APIs
  • •  Plugins for famous storefronts and e-commerce platform support

Aramex Application Programming Interface (APIs)

Aramex provides you with a number of APIs and tools that allow you to seamlessly integrate your website with our various applications. brings your business everything you need when it comes to online delivery services. Every employee throughout the office can use this platform, this way everyone is on the same page when it comes to shipments.

This interface is a one stop solution that keeps all your shipments and deliveries managed leaving no room for confusion.

Services available using

  • •  Import address book
  • •  Track shipments
  • •  Calculate rates
  • •  Receive shipment updates


ClickToShip offers an alternative to online shipping services, providing the same solutions offered through, with some added bonuses, beginning with the ability to use this application on your desktop without continuous links to the Internet.

It also assists with handling large and bulky shipments, keeping them listed and organized in one desktop application. Access this program on any computer making it easy to share information throughout the office.

You can also use this platform to receive shipment-tracking updates and check your shipments status.

Aramex Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Aramex Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is Business Integration Middleware, it provides a seamless and easy integration between various partner systems in flexible, and cost- effective means, thus eliminating duplicate data entry and minimizing data entry errors.

It defines a number of specifications for exchanging data. Moreover, it provides different means for the exchange of data such as file transfer protocol (FTP) and simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP).

E-commerce Platforms Support

As an e-commerce enabler, Aramex develops solutions to help its customers add features and functionality to their online stores to facilities them to further grow their businesses.

Shipmate - A game-changer for shipping by institutions with security restrictions

Are you a part of a bank or any other entity that has high security restrictions, such as the prohibited use of wifi or the installation of third party apps? Then Aramex has an optimal solution that is 100% safe and that enables you to easily create AWBs and assign shipments.

Shipmate is a user-friendly tool that works both on- and offline to create pickups and sent shipments. If you would like to know more, contact your Aramex account representative.

Download Shipmate Software
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