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Our People 
Throughout our 40 years, our people have been and remain to be the driving force that enables our strategy and business operations, fostering our value creation for our clients and customers.

We pride ourselves on building a human-centered leadership culture that aims to inspire our employees, enabling their learning and growth, while continually delivering value to our clients and communities. Our people are comprised of diverse, highly skilled, and innovative teams, and we strive to foster a work environment that builds on each employee’s key strengths, provides a safe space of belonging, inspires creativity, and fosters well-being.

Health, Safety, and Security

The health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, and partners is of critical importance at Aramex.  Our occupational health and safety management system ensures that we safeguard the fundamental right to a safe and healthy working environment, which provides the framework for all our stations across the globe through a number of health and safety policies, procedures, and training. These include our Health and Safety, Driving, STOP Work, Substance Abuse, and No Smoking policies. Additionally, we have a number of manuals and procedures that are circulated and made available for employees.

Our Customers

Throughout our 40 years of operation, Aramex’s customer-centric philosophy remains a pillar in our work to deliver excellence and value to our customers, whenever and wherever they might be. We are committed to providing high-quality services and innovative products that ensure our customers’ needs come first and their experience is at the heart of our strategies and operational decisions.

In addition to our goal to meet and exceed customer expectations, we ensure that we have policies, training, and guidelines in place to safeguard client privacy, uphold confidentiality, ensure responsiveness and that any and all interactions and relations between Aramex and our clients uphold ethical and professional conduct.

Innovation at Aramex

Our innovation strategy has been to drive transformation internally to deliver value to our customers, while ensuring customer satisfaction, reliably and responsibly, while ensuring product profitability. In 2022 we had several projects, including crowdsourcing, pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) solutions, Future Vehicle Program, drone deliveries and autonomous BOT deliveries, and fleet electrification. Additionally, we launched our Aramex Command Center. More details on these initiatives and projects can be found on page 59 of our 2022 report.

Our internal innovation program, Aramex RedLab, allows employees to share their ideas with us, and after consideration and necessary assessments, these ideas are developed into products, piloted, and launched. Some of 2022’s exciting RedLab ideas from our employees that will be launched are:

  • E-commerce store for Aramex boxes
  • NFT for shipping
  • WhatsApp for business solutions
  • Automation of training
Over the last 40 years, sustainability has been and remains a part of the Aramex DNA, and is a source of pride, strategic vision, and an embedded value that we uphold. A crucial part of our sustainability has been our work and partnerships with our communities. We are firm believers that a big part of our role and responsibility as a company is to work closely with communities to enact a positive, sustainable, and effective impact.

Our Social and Relationship Capital Strategy

The networks, partnerships, and relationships that we build and foster within Aramex and between Aramex and other institutions and stakeholders are key to upholding our sustainability strategy, enhancing collective well-being, and ensuring that we are aware of and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and communities.

Our Social and Relationship Capital is interconnected with our Human and Intellectual Capitals. Our related strategy allows us to expand our understanding of our social impacts and ensure that we are actively contributing to the social good. 

Our Corporate Citizenship program, which is implemented across our network, aims to create shared value and positively contribute to our communities based on their specific local context and needs.

The program focuses on the following key areas:

Community Engagement

Youth Education and Empowerment


Procurement and Supplier Relations

Our procurement procedures are an important part of our business practices and facilitate our goals to source locally and responsibly, ensuring cost-effective, strategic, and responsible procurement and purchasing through a strict, yet user-friendly and transparent process. 

We engage with our suppliers through different channels, both online and offline. We also conduct site visits and stakeholder engagement sessions to have a comprehensive understanding of our supplier base. We have launched supplier training through Ariba, and all our suppliers have received training in 2022.

We encourage and prioritize local suppliers and purchasing, as long as it is aligned with our code of conduct and business needs. In 2022, 98% of spending in key stations was spent on local suppliers.