Aramex Culture

Aramex Culture

Our Culture

Centered on delivering our promises to our partners, customers and communities, Aramex actively fosters diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship by creating a dynamic and stimulating work environment. Employees are encouraged to contribute their talents, develop their skills and work collaboratively to provide innovative, market disrupting logistics and transportation solutions to our business partners and customers.

Growing Together

Aramex has rapidly grown to become a global leader in transportation and logistics. By joining the Aramex team, you become an integral member of a global family of achievers who are committed to professional development, both personally and collaboratively, to further drive the growth of the Aramex business and services to our customers.

In line with this, Aramex provides a wide range of training, development and educational opportunities to all employees throughout their careers. Incentive schemes and programmes are also provided to recognize and reward outstanding performance and motivate individuals to achieve their full potential.

All this is in place to create a positive environment where employees are empowered and encouraged to continually develop themselves and their colleagues, growing the business and contributing to their communities.

Social Contributions

We, at Aramex, fully recognize that our business is only as strong as the communities we serve. We are deeply committed to playing an active role in developing the communities and societies where we operate. We have a wide range of environmental, entrepreneurial, educational and community service programs that are actively supported by our employee volunteers.


Being a global company has its advantages, and we don’t mean economic ones. We are talking about a wealth of a different kind, one that paints the face of Aramex with cultural and linguistic riches and shows a sense of a truly global culture that’s tightly knit with one thread. People from all around the world work under the Aramex banner. We have always valued this diversity and how it enriches our discussions, perspectives and willingness to experiment. Joining the Aramex team provides a well-defined career path, global exposure and the chance to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships within the Aramex community.

Diversity at Aramex