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August Winner- Fekat Circus

The Aramex It Forward winner for the month of August are Fekat Circus from Ethiopia. Fekat Circus is a non-profit organization established in 2008 by a group of young Ethiopian circus jugglers and acrobats who believed in the power of circus arts to promote social change and development among the local community. Over the past decade, Fekat Circus has involved over 30,000 children and youth in its circus trainings, and excited over 250,000 audiences both in Ethiopia and internationally.  Today, Fekat Circus is in a critical situation: the land that they have been renting since their establishment is now put on sale. The best solution to this situation is for Fekat Circus to become a mobile circus, and move around the country with a circus tent! As there are no circus tents in Ethiopia, Fekat Circus will need Aramex’s support to ship the tent from France.

The circus tent will be used to host the second edition of the African Circus Arts Festival and will then move around Addis Ababa and to different towns in Ethiopia that have no access to such creative and cultural spaces. The tent will host both circus performances and training for the local community.